BMD-S Prototyping Shield V1.1

Our new, improved (or should that be corrected) HUB-ee wheel prototyping shield for Arduino™.

Key Features:

  • Designed to drive two HUB-ee BMD-S wheels with optional quadrature encoder feedback. (enabled via jumpers)
  • On board open collector drivers with noise filters for both pairs of sensors.
  • Large prototyping area.

We made a few big changes when we updated our first shield design, the main thing we did was to get rid of the Micro-MaTch connectors and replace them with straight 0.1 inch headers - these headers match the headers on our connector breakout board and mini-cable splitter so you now have a choice:

You can solder a cable directly to the board, solder on a breakout board, or solder on a splitter for dual sync drive.

Because of this change the new board comes in three bundled options:

  1. Plain Board.
  2. Board + Two HUB-ee cable Breakout boards.
  3. Board + Two HUB-ee cable splitter boards.

We have also increased the prototyping area and improved the way power is distributed:

  • The Arduino™ VIn pin is now protected with a diode - this prevents any motors receiving power when the USB programming cable is plugged in.
  • The power in headers are isolated with a jumper, allowing you to attach a switch if required (or just solder a link in place)
  • There is now a power bus on the board called VIO that connects to a jumper allowing you to select an appropriate power source for other peripherals (3.3V or 5V) depending on the Arduino voltage.
  • Encoder inputs from the wheels have filter capacitors and open collector drivers so the 3.3V sensor signals will correctly drive the Arduino external interrupts pins without any glitches - you need to enable pull up resistors on these Arduino pins for the sensors to work properly.

Arduino™ and PICAXE Base pin mappings

Motor1 Pin Mappings
Shield Net Arduino™ Pin PICAXE 28x2 Pin Function
M1In1 8 C.0 Digital Out - Direction/Brake
M1In2 11 C.5 Digital Out - Direction/Brake
M1PWM 9 C.1 PWM - Speed Control
M1QEIA 3 B.0 Encoder Chanel A (Interrupt pin with pullups)
M1QEIB 7 B.7 Encoder Chanel B (Digital in with pullups)

Motor2 Pin Mappings
Shield Net Arduino™ Pin PICAXE 28x2 Pin Function
M2In1 12 C.4 Digital Out - Direction/Brake
M2In2 13 C.3 Digital Out - Direction/Brake
M2PWM 10 C.2 PWM - Speed Control
M2QEIA 2 B.2 Encoder Chanel A (Interrupt pin with pullups)
M2QEIB 4 B.1 Encoder Chanel B (Digital in with pullups)


Schematic (PDF)
Proto Shield User Guide and Assembly Instructions (PDF - 1.8MB)
Prototyping shield resources page - Additional resources and guides.

Buy from our on-line store:

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