Space Robotics

Thanks to a recent UK Space Agency Grant we have now joined the space race. Our grant application was entitled "Building Massive Structures in Orbit" and is about how simple machines can be used to create massive structures in space, paving the way for human habitation.

“When engineers and science fiction writers imagine creating large habitats in space they often conceive of it in a similar way to terrestrial buildings, where crews of space suited builders and sophisticated robots make large structures from precisely engineered components ferried to orbit from the ground.

We imagined a different approach, partly inspired by natures own builders and partly by advances in 3D printing, where a simple machine could be sent into earth orbit where it forms a protective, air tight shell around itself in preparation for human occupation. This grant gives us an opportunity to develop this concept into a disruptive technology for the future of human space exploration”

Dr Bill Bigge, Creative Robotics Ltd


An artists impression of a small orbiting habitat. The unique construction process allows a single machine to form a large protective shell around its self, which can then be equipped for human habitation. The same technique can be used to form structures many hundreds of meters in diameter, potentially even larger.



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